Snakemine: A Pythonic interface to Redmine’s REST API

This library is a REST API wrapper for the Redmine project management web application. Its API is directly inspired by Django’s settings module and ORM.

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Install-time requirements:

Run-time requirements:

  • A Redmine installation somewhere (this has only been tested with 1.0, I make no guarantees at this point that it works with any newer version)


Let’s assume that you have a registered user with an API key.

Here is the Django-esque settings file (named

USERNAME = 'jschmidt'
API_KEY = '1234abcd'

Here is a way to retrieve a given issue and change its subject (creatively named

from snakemine.issue import Issue

issue = Issue.objects.get(12)
issue.subject = 'Modified subject'

You would run the script like so:



The code is licensed under the Apache License 2.0; see the LICENSE file for details.

The documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License; see the file for details.


This project is hosted at GitHub. I gladly accept pull requests. If you contribute code, please also create tests for your modifications, otherwise your request will not be accepted as quickly (I will most likely ask you to add tests). It would probably also be in your best interests to add yourself to the AUTHORS.rst file if you have not done so already.

A Vagrant environment is available for developing snakemine. Simply run the following command (once Vagrant is installed):

$ vagrant up

...and it will install all of the Python dependencies in a virtualenv, plus set up a compatible Ruby environment for Redmine. You can then log into the virtual machine:

$ vagrant ssh
vagrant@vagrant $ source .virtualenv/bin/activate
vagrant@vagrant $ git clone /vagrant ~/snakemine

The last line exists so that it is possible to run python sdist - VirtualBox’s remote filesystem module does not support hardlinks, so it fails if you try to run that command or tox from the /vagrant directory.


  • Mark Lee