Snakemine configuration (snakemine.conf)

A settings manager inspired by Django’s.

There are two ways to set user-specific settings:

  1. Create a module with all of the settings in it and point snakemine to the module via the SNAKEMINE_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable.
  2. Use Settings.configure to set the values via its keyword arguments.

Module author: Mark Lee <>

class snakemine.conf.Settings(default_settings)[source]

Bases: object

Settings object for snakemine.

Parameters:default_settings (dict) – The default settings. A copy of this parameter is stored in the created object.
configure(default_settings=None, **kwargs)[source]

Manually configures the user settings instead of via the import module method. This method can only be called if the object has not already had user settings set.

Parameters:default_settings (dict) – The default settings, which will override the default settings passed in at object creation.

Whether the user settings have been set for the object.

Return type:bool